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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! returns with a brand-new episode. Host Liam McEneaney invites a few of his friends to hang and shoot the breeze:

EDDIE BRILL, the former comedy booker, and warmup act, for The Late Show with David Letterman, talks about his days at the show, socializing with Dave, and performing in Europe.

PENNY POLLAK is visiting from Los Angeles, and talks about her current gig, adapting her one-woman show into a feature film with American History Xi director Tony Kaye.

LUX ALPTRAUM, a returning TYF! favorite, talks porn, her porn star friends, and orgies at the AVN Awards.

Plus, in a special bonus episode exclusively for our Patreon supporters, Eddie discusses the New York Times article that painted him as a misogynist, and cost him his job as the Late Show's comedy guy.


PRODUCER: Alex Brizel

EDITOR: Jeremy Lee Wirt

THEME SONG: A Brief View of the Hudson

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This week's TYF! is our third ever "Best Of" compilation, featuring some of the best moments from our latest batch of interviews. Featuring excerpts from interviews with LEWIS BLACK, TOM SCHARPLING, KAKI KING, JON RONSON & MAEVE HIGGINS, CLARA BIZNASS of Hand Job Academy, ERIN LEE CARR, and JULA WERTZ & JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING.

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LIVE from the NY Podcast Festival, TYF! returns for SEASON SIX with a LIVE EPISODE featuring TV'S FRANK CONNIFF (from Mystery Science Theater 3000), CATHERINE POPPER (bass player for Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Jack White, and Puss n' Boots) and MAGGIE SEROTA (editor,


Tell Your Friends! returns for 2015 with this live edition, featuring a talk with the Godfather of podcasting, and the host of the legendary Best Show radio show-cum-podcast, Tom Scharpling. We talk about Bill Cosby, about whether Bing and David Crosby are related, and about the return of Best Show with Tom Scharpling.

Then we talk to hot rising comedy star Aparna Nancherla about the sweet sweet screeners you get as a member of SAG/AFTRA, and about all the work that goes into getting writing work.

Then singer/songwriter Mike Doughty takes the stage, and we talk getting verified on Twitter, and about his new rock opera, which he is recording for Studio 360 on WNYC.


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In this week's issue of the TYF! Podcast, we have part 2 of our interview with Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, where we talk all about his time as head writer and sidekick on The Howard Stern Show. He tells all, from sitting knee-to-knee with James Taylor as he played "Fire and Rain," to reactions to the show ranging from good (Dom DeLuise said he and Howard "shared a brain") to violent (Robert Blake).

He talks about the process that went from goofing on Magic Johnson's talk show to performing with a couple of farters, and Julia Wertz is brought into the interview to ask about James Taylor and 9/11 (separately).  This is the interview the Stern nerds have been waiting for, although non-Stern fans will be able to appreciate it, too.

In addition, TYF!'s poet-in-residence Dale Goodson delivers a tribute to The Brooklyn Bridge, and Liam talks about his sister's cat, and about how the old, weird New York City will never go away.

Jackie's interview theme is "Gasoline," by The New York Howl, from their album People Will Come To See Us Ride.

The Tell Your Friends! theme was written and performed by A Brief View of the Hudson.

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In this week's issue of the TYF! podcast, we travel to the Friar's Club to speak with Gilbert Gottfried and Frank Santopadre, co-hosts of the hit Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast. Gilbert, Frank, and Liam, discuss the vast amounts of money to be made in the podcasting racket, how Gilbert and Frank met on the mean streets of L.A., everybody starts busting balls, and Liam gets Gilbert to do his legendary Groucho impression. This made us laugh just as hard listening to it as we did when we recorded it.

Plus, Lisa Kirchner, author of Hello American Lady Creature: What I Learned As A Woman In Qatar, tells a story of life, divorce, and getting her hair done in Qatar.

All this, and Liam reads three memos he's written to three of his neighbors.

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This week on the TYF! podcast, we speak to New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera of the Bronx about how his past three (!) predecessors all ended up in prison, his unexpected entry into politics, about the dirty fight against him by his immediate predecessor who switched political parties, and about how being successful doesn't mean you stop shopping at the 99-cent store. He also explains what's at stake in this midterm election, so if you haven't, please go out and vote.

And Liam talks about running, about being a Boy Scout, and about his first time meeting a politician.

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George Carlin was a child of New York City, having grown up on the corner of 121st and Amsterdam in the 1930s and '40s. On October 22nd, 2014, after three years of fighting City Hall and the Catholic Church, the City of New York named that corner "George Carlin Way" in his honor.

This is the story of two obsessed men, one whose obsessions led him to become one of the world's greatest comedians, and one whose obsession led him to getting George Carlin Way its name.

We speak to Patrick Carlin, George Carlin's brother, about his life and the neighborhood they grew up in together, we speak to Larry Getlen, author of Conversations With Carlin, about Carlin's life and career, and Kevin Bartini, the comedian who spearheaded the campaign, about his fight with Carlin's old Catholic School to get the street named.

In addition, we  speak to the comedians who knew him and were influenced by him, including Lewis Black, Dave Attell, Orson Bean, Kelly Carlin, Eddie Brill, Jon Fisch,  Judah Friedlander, Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Hendra, Robert Klein, Jeff Kreisler, Liam McEneaney,  Jim Norton, Colin Quinn, and his widow, Sally Wade.

In addition, we'll hear Carlin's story in his own words, via old interviews and a bootleg recording. 

To see photos by Daan Van Versendaal from the unveiling ceremony, go to

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The Tell Your Friends! theme song was written and performed by A Brief View of the Hudson (


In this week's issue of TYF!, we speak with Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling. Formerly a writer and performer on The Howard Stern Radio Show, Jackie has a million stories, and we heard a small percentage of them.

We travel out to Jackie's beach home in Long Island to talk about how he got his start there, how he got into comedy by producing his own shows, about how he wrote for Rodney Dangerfield, about his infamous falling-out with Rodney, and about how the "Jackie's Jetty" incident illustrated the power and the reach of the Howard Stern show in its heyday. All this and Julia Wertz gives herself a plug in the interview.

Part 2 of the interview features a lot more Stern Show talk, and it will drop some time in November, or possibly December. To hear it on November 1st, become a contributor to our Patreon campaign and also help support the TYF! podcast. You can do so at


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In this week's issue of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, we speak to comedy great Lewis Black about his early days in the theater, starting standup opening for plays, how standup helped his playwriting, how he has always believed in running his own spaces, how he threw a chair across the room at the legendary Catch A Rising Star, what he teaches his comedy students, and how the news media has failed and will rise again.  This is a particularly great one, and we highly recommend giving it a listen.

In addition, Jennifer Glick tells us a story about going on an extreme diet as a teenager, and Jamie Casbon tells us part one of a story about coming to terms with being a transgender male.

Also, Liam McEneaney talks about his first time doing standup as part of a contest.


Buy Lewis Black's latest special Old Yeller here, and the rest of his back catalogue here.