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April 2014
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In this week's issue of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, we speak to Allison Robicelli about the bakery she and her husband own, about their infamy among people who use their desserts in sex acts (including a six-woman lesbian porn), and about her days managing Pip's Comedy Club in Brooklyn, and she tells a perfect story about the late Otto & George.

Bob Powers regales us with another story, and Liam talks briefly about the recently-deceased comedians John Pinette and Otto & George.

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In this week's issue, comedian, author, musician, and radio host Dave Hill tells us about how exactly he got on This American Life, and about his vacation down at a Mexican prison where he almost got murdered by a machete-wielding maniac (SPOILER: he isn't dead).

Bob Powers tells us a pair of short stories, and Liam McEneaney tells us what the hell he's been up to.


It's the Music Nerd Issue!

In this week's issue of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest podcast, we speak to guitar virtuoso Kaki King, whom Rolling Stone called one oftheir Top 100 Guitar Gods about her start in music, her technique, her marriage, and touring with the Foo Fighters and playing with Dave Grohl.

We also speak to Mike Doughty about his album of reimaginings of Soul Coughing songs, his philosophy on dog "parenting," and the most '90s music phrase.

Kambri Crews tells us the story of how Satanic rock provided her with Salvation, and Liam McEneaney tells us a couple stories about brushes with fame and death.

This week's issue is sponsored by Liam McEneaney's album, Comedian. You can buy it here.

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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! returns this week with a live episode recorded at the 2014 New York Podcast Festival.

LIAM McENEANEY hosts living comedy legends LEWIS BLACK and GILBERT GOTTFRIED. They talk hell gigs, corporate gigs, Lewis talks about how television can screw you, and Gilbert talks about how Twitter can be an expensive hobby. Also, Gilbert busts out an incredibly accurate and surprising impression out of left field.

We don't need to sell you on this; it's a legendary show.


LEWIS: and

LIAM: and

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In this week's issue of the TYF! podcast, we speak to comedian/musician Rob Paravonian about his hugely popular Pachelbel Rant video on Youtube, and how he found his home in the crazy, anything-goes performance art scene of Manhattan's Lower East Side in the 1990s.

In addition, he sings a couple of songs, including one from his new album, Keep Your Jazz Hand Strong. In addition, he'll show us how combining comedy with a guitar makes beautiful women magically appear out of thin air. And I mean, literally. You'll hear it.

Plus, Maggie Serota tells a story about how looking for an apartment on Craig's List, surprisingly leads to hearing from pervy creeps.

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As the driving force behind Fleshbot, Lux Alptraum has made a sex-positive approach to porn on the Internet her mission. In this week's issue, we speak to Lux about Fleshbot, her career in Internet porn both on-camera and behind the scenes, the surprising facts about the business of porn, discovering her bisexuality, and hooking up with porn stars.

We also have another story from Kambri Crews about her childhood in rural Texas, about smoking weed and owning horses.

All that and Liam McEneaney discusses his own history with porn.

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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! returns for the first issue of its second volume, with a double-issue filled to bursting.

We talk to Victor Varnado, who takes us down the path of his career, which took him from performing at gritty little East Village clubs to a Schwarzenneger film, from collaborating with Stan Lee on a comic book movie to directing his first feature film. He also describes what it feels like to do a major network late night TV spot.

Eden & John of the East River String Band talk about their early days in the gritty East Village, their first meeting at the Forbidden Planet comic book shop, Eden's days as a squatter on Ave. C, and how they went from dating to artistic collaboration, and how Eden is the only person who can intimidate Robert Crumb into changing his artwork.

In addition, Maggie Serota tells us about her first apartment in NYC trying to decide who was the craziest roommate, and Bob Powers brings us a story of love in the aisles of Duane Reade.

All this, and Liam McEneaney tells another true story of illness and getting an unbelievable message from the Universe.


In this week's issue of the TYF! Podcast, we listen to some of the best of Volume 1, including excerpts from interviews with Eddie Pepitone, W. Kamau Bell, Bryan Tucker, and music from Mike Doughty

In addition, we have stories from Bob Powers and Adam Wade, and a Moment with Stacey Nightmare and a trip down Ted Travelstead's Story Hole.

All this and a story from Liam McEneaney.

New issues of TYF! drop, starting August 5th.

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TYF! returns this week with an interview with Julia Wertz, whose graphic novel, "The Infinite Wait & Other Stories," has been nominated for a Walt Eisner Award for Best Nonfiction Work. 

We talk to Julia about her process, her hobby of exploring abandoned buildings, why she continues to turn down big money opportunities in exchange for artistic freedom, and we solve a mystery live on-air.

Plus, Adam Wade tells us a story about how Rick Moranis has impacted his life in both positive and negative ways, and we spend another Moment with Stacey Nightmare.

All that and Liam explains where we've been for the last two weeks.

* * * * *

SUPPORT THE PODCAST! Buy Julia's book, The Infinite Wait and Other Stories.

* * * * *

Liam's recording his debut album June 5th and 6th in Brooklyn. Check out the Facebook event invite here.

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In this week's issue: We talk to television producer Adam Spiegelman, who tells us about how meeting Jay Mohr as a teenager in the New Jersey open mic scene led him to getting promoted to guest producer at Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and about how he discovered Neil Hamburger.

Bob Powers tells us the only 10 ways you'll ever fall in love, and we spend a Moment with Stacey Nightmare.

All that, and Liam McEneaney reads us his exciting scientific monograph.


Spiegs' interview theme is Up From Below by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, from the album of the same name.

The TYF! theme was written and performed by A Brief View of the Hudson (

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