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Long-time fans will recognize David and Caroline from previous live issues. Live show #1 (with Gilbert Gottfried and Lewis Black) heard Liam McEneaney making fun of them for finding a seat up front after the taping had started. Live show #2 (with Andy Borowitz, Jessi Klein, Chris Gethard, Ophira Eisenberg, and MORE) found Liam reading from an old Dear Abby book her found in their apartment.

For the third live taping show, Liam takes the action to David and Caroline's back yard in Long Island City, Queens, for a relaxed barbecue/podcast taping in front of a select audience of some friends. Returning TYF! champ Mike Doughty debuts a pair of new songs from his next album, Stellar Motel, plays banjo publicly for the first time ever, and talks about crowdfunding and the most surprisingly popular item he offers as an incentive.

You can still pledge to Mike's campaign here:

After getting of to a bit of a rocky start, Julia Wertz opens up about her career as an "urban explorer," breaking into abandoned sites and taking pictures, about her hellish birthday vacation with a politician who told her he cheated on her in an island paradise, and about her forthcoming book, Museum of Mistakes. 

You can check out her site:

All that, and Leslie Goshko tells a story about why she only took one friend on a family vacation that one time, and Liam McEneaney reads a piece he wrote for an evening of John Hughes fanfiction reading.

Episode recorded by: Patrick Holbert


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Next live taping:

August 27th
at Le Poisson Rouge, downstairs Gallery
158 Bleecker St
7:00pm // $5.00

with Janeane Garofalo 
and Sarah Goldstone 
Come out to the first of our regular monthly tapings of the TYF! podcast at the small Gallery space in the bar below Le Poisson Rouge.

My guests will be: 
Janeane is a comedian, actress, and activist, whose many film and television appearances include Wet Hot American Summer, Ratatouille, 24, The Larry Sanders Show, and many many others. Her standup credits include HBO and Epix specials, and more TV appearances than you can count on your fingers and toes.

Sarah Goldstone is NYC-based pianist, keyboardist, violinist and vocalist. She currently performs with Alex Winston, Matt Sucich, Germans, AM to AM, Firelights. She also plays classical piano, teaches piano and writes scores for film.

Matt Sucich (pron: Sue-Sitch) is from Astoria, Queens. He writes songs. He plays them with a guitar. He sings them with his voice. Sometimes he sleeps, but most times he’s awake. "Equal parts Lord Huron, Paul Simon and M. Ward, Sucich establishes his own voice on the playful, island flavored, 'The Lonely Dreamer.'" Bruce Warren, WXPN-FM

and MORE!


In this week's issue, we speak with Jon Ronson, author of the international bestsellers Them: Adventures with Extremists, and The Psychopath Test,as well as co-writer of the movie Frank, in theatres now, about his adventures with the Frank Sidebottom Oh Blimey Big Band, as well as the forthcoming book, Frank: The True Story That Inspired The Movie.

We also speak with Maeve Higgins, Irish comedy star, author of the wonderfully charming memoir We Have A Good Time Don't We?, and cohost, with Jon, of the show "I'm New Here--Can You Show Me Around?"

We also get a story from Bob Powers, "Jeff and the 37 Year-Old Woman," and Liam talks about meeting George Takei and missing Robin Williams.

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This week on the TYF! podcast, we speak to documentary journalist Erin Lee Carr, director of the hit gun control film Click. Print. Gun., about her obsession with obsessive men, about pushing to cover the stories she thinks are important, about using your job to get a free trip to Paris, about the amazing advice she gets from her father, and about the line one walks when one is a journalist.

Plus, comedy master Livia Scott performs a one-woman show titled "Next Stop: Bedford." All that and Liam describes the recent TYF! live episode/barbecue.



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In this week's issue of the Tell Your Friends! podcast, we speak with "TV's Frank" Conniff, about his days on Mystery Science Theater 3000, getting his start in the New York City downtown comedy scene of the '80s, how getting sent to rehab was responsible for his career, how Lizz Winstead discovered him, and how he does not mind being thought of as a "nostalgia act."

Bob Powers tells the story of "Shower Cam Sheldon," and Liam talks about his childhood being raised as a nerd, and how nerd culture left him behind.

Theme song by A Brief View of the Hudson.

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The Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! Summer Spectacular continues today with a panel discussion between Liam McEneaney and five of the best comedy writers working today. Recorded live at The Bell House.

Our panel talks about comedy writing, how to make it, their first jobs, Twitter, and what a dick Chevy Chase is.

ANDY BOROWITZ – writer for The New Yorker, New York Times bestselling author, National Press Club award-winner, “Funniest man in America,” according to the CBS Sunday News Morning,one of the 50 Funniest American Writers according to the Library of America, and the co-creator The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

ANDY BLITZ - has written for, and appeared on, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," "Human Giant," "Important Things with Demetri Martin," "Eagleheart," and Comedy Central's "Review."

JESSI KLEIN - is head writer and executive producer of "Inside Amy Schumer," and has written for "Saturday Night Live." She also wrote and appeared on "Michael & Michael Have Issues" and "The Showbiz Show with David Spade," had a half-hour special on Comedy Central, and is a regular panelist on NPR's "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me!"

CHRIS GETHARD - is a comedian and improvisor, the host of the cult hit The Chris Gethard Show, and star of a Comedy Central Half Hour special

BRYAN TUCKER – is the co-head writer of “Saturday Night Live,” where sketches he’s written and co-written include “What’s Up With That?” and “Black Jeopardy!” Previous credits include “Chappelle’s Show” (“The Racial Draft” sketch), MADTV, and “The Chris Rock Show.”
(Listen to Bryan Tucker discuss his career here:


Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest podcast returns with an all-new summer double issue. Part one features TYF!'s signature stories from some of New York City's best writers and storytellers. This week includes:

Ophira Eisenberg - host of NPR's Ask Me Another, and author of the memoir Screw Everyone: How I Slept My Way To Monogamy, You can learn more in her TYF! interview here.

Michele Carlo - Moth Slam Champion and author of the memoir Fish Out of Agua

Bob Powers - old friend of the show, and writer for, mastermind behind the cult blog “Girls Are Pretty,” and author of the books “Happy Cruelty Day” and the “Just Make A Choice” choose your own adventure books for adults.

Lux Alptraum - former editrix-in-chief for

Next week's issue features a live panel interview with Andy Borowitz, Jessi Klein, Andy Blitz, Chris Gethard, and Bryan Tucker.

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In this week's issue of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, we speak to Allison Robicelli about the bakery she and her husband own, about their infamy among people who use their desserts in sex acts (including a six-woman lesbian porn), and about her days managing Pip's Comedy Club in Brooklyn, and she tells a perfect story about the late Otto & George.

Bob Powers regales us with another story, and Liam talks briefly about the recently-deceased comedians John Pinette and Otto & George.

theme song by A Brief View of the Hudson.

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In this week's issue, comedian, author, musician, and radio host Dave Hill tells us about how exactly he got on This American Life, and about his vacation down at a Mexican prison where he almost got murdered by a machete-wielding maniac (SPOILER: he isn't dead).

Bob Powers tells us a pair of short stories, and Liam McEneaney tells us what the hell he's been up to.


It's the Music Nerd Issue!

In this week's issue of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest podcast, we speak to guitar virtuoso Kaki King, whom Rolling Stone called one oftheir Top 100 Guitar Gods about her start in music, her technique, her marriage, and touring with the Foo Fighters and playing with Dave Grohl.

We also speak to Mike Doughty about his album of reimaginings of Soul Coughing songs, his philosophy on dog "parenting," and the most '90s music phrase.

Kambri Crews tells us the story of how Satanic rock provided her with Salvation, and Liam McEneaney tells us a couple stories about brushes with fame and death.

This week's issue is sponsored by Liam McEneaney's album, Comedian. You can buy it here.

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Theme song by A Brief View of the Hudson.

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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! returns this week with a live episode recorded at the 2014 New York Podcast Festival.

LIAM McENEANEY hosts living comedy legends LEWIS BLACK and GILBERT GOTTFRIED. They talk hell gigs, corporate gigs, Lewis talks about how television can screw you, and Gilbert talks about how Twitter can be an expensive hobby. Also, Gilbert busts out an incredibly accurate and surprising impression out of left field.

We don't need to sell you on this; it's a legendary show.


LEWIS: and

LIAM: and

THEME SONG by A Brief View of the Hudson:

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