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September 2015
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This week on the TYF! podcast, Liam McEneaney welcomes his old friend Paul Scheer to ShowBriz Studios. Paul is the star of FX' hit show The League, as well as ABC's Fresh Off The Boat and Hulu's The Hotwives.

Paul and his buddy Rob Huebel have been hosting a live show called Crash Test in Los Angeles, which they've turned into a special for Vimeo, and which features their friends like Aziz Ansari, Rob Corddry, Aubrey Plaza, and Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt. You can order it here for a mere $3.99.

Liam and Paul talk about the old days at the original UCB Theatre, about putting together a comedy special that takes place almost entirely on a bus, calling vs. texting vs. emailing, and Odd Future's actual physical carnival in Los Angeles.

PLUS in the bonus content, Liam and Paul (who is also the host of a bad movie podcast called How Did This Get Made?) talk bad movies and how people like Eddie Murphy shine in terrible movies. You can get the PREMIUM CONTENT by supporting the TYF! podcast on Patreon.

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This week, Liam and his producer, Alex Brizel, leave ShowBriz Studios to visit JokeLand by the shore, home of Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling (former head writer/cast member, "The Howard Stern Show"). Riding along in the TYF! Van are comedian Myka Fox (from her podcasts Myka Fox and Friends and This Week In Jackin') and rock star Catherine Popper (Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Jack White's band, Puss N' Boots).

It was a beautiful summer day, and the crew sits outdoors and shoots the breeze. Prepare for a leisurely afternoon ball busting sesh. (Due to mechanical failure, the first 20 minutes was rendered unusable. We pick up 21 minutes in.)

Plus, there's more! Subscribers get access to a full 15 minutes more! To join the TYF! family, just go to

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This week, Liam sits down at ShowBriz Studios and talks to bestselling mystery novelist Lawrence Block. Block is a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers' Guild, and the winner of the prestigious Edgar Award. His books include the "Hit Man" series, the "Burglar Who..." series, and, most famously, the "Matthew Scudder, PI" series, which includes the books 8 Million Ways to DieA Dance at the Slaughter House, and A Walk Among the Tombstones, which was made into a film starring Liam Neeson.

Liam talks to Block about his career, about following one of his characters out into Greenpoint, about letting go of your work when it's adapted into a Hollywood movie, and about his writing process.

You can buy all of Block's work on Amazon in either Kindle or paperback, and also help support the podcast.

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This week, we speak to satirist, journalist, and counterculture legend Paul Krassner. Paul was the long-time publisher of the famed The Realist, a confidant of Lenny Bruce's, the man who took Groucho Marx on his first acid trip, and we talk about this and about his time as a pro bono abortion referral service (when they were illegal) and about tripping on The Tonight Show. Seriously, take the time to listen to this.

You should buy his most recent book, Patty Hearst & The Twinkie Murders: A Tale of Two Trials, which we highly recommend as a great read.

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Liam and Mike hang out while Tom teaches Liam how to work the equipment again, and Liam and Mike talk about the Kafkaesque nightmare that is getting your car towed in NYC, about moving to Memphis, about Mike’s sold-out tour, and about when it’s time to leave the city.

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In this week's episode of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, we talk to comedian/writer Josh Comers about his humble beginnings as a Queens-living (and getting stalked by a crazy person) open-mic'er and "barker" (who got punched in the face in Times Square), and his rise to his job writing monologue for Conan, and Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore writer Colleen Werthmann, and how a chance encounter with Steve Martin set her on the path towriting for his Oscars and SNL appearances and now television.

Plus, Liam tells the story of a goofy Internet writing job that got the American Indian Movement mad at him.

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This is the first episode of Liam McEneaney's show on

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This week on Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, we speak to an all-star panel of comedians and writers, including Ophira Eisenberg of NPR's Ask Me Another, Image Award nominee Chris DeLuca from HNN/CNN, and Guy Branum, from Billy on the StreetChelsea Lately, and his new, acclaimed by critics (and Liam) album Effable.

We talk about Chris' Image award nomination, about Ophira's movie deal for her book, Screw Everyone: Sleeping Your Way To Monogamy, and what it's like casting someone to play yourself, about Byron Allen and Guy's appearance on Comics Unleashed, and about "The Hanky Code."

BONUS EPISODE: An extra 20 minutes of discussion exclusively for our Patreon subscribers. Learn more here.


PRODUCED BY: Alex Brizel

EDITED BY: Jimmy Lee Wirt

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Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast! returns with a brand-new episode. Host Liam McEneaney invites a few of his friends to hang and shoot the breeze:

EDDIE BRILL, the former comedy booker, and warmup act, for The Late Show with David Letterman, talks about his days at the show, socializing with Dave, and performing in Europe.

PENNY POLLAK is visiting from Los Angeles, and talks about her current gig, adapting her one-woman show into a feature film with American History Xi director Tony Kaye.

LUX ALPTRAUM, a returning TYF! favorite, talks porn, her porn star friends, and orgies at the AVN Awards.

Plus, in a special bonus episode exclusively for our Patreon supporters, Eddie discusses the New York Times article that painted him as a misogynist, and cost him his job as the Late Show's comedy guy.


PRODUCER: Alex Brizel

EDITOR: Jeremy Lee Wirt

THEME SONG: A Brief View of the Hudson

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This week's TYF! is our third ever "Best Of" compilation, featuring some of the best moments from our latest batch of interviews. Featuring excerpts from interviews with LEWIS BLACK, TOM SCHARPLING, KAKI KING, JON RONSON & MAEVE HIGGINS, CLARA BIZNASS of Hand Job Academy, ERIN LEE CARR, and JULA WERTZ & JACKIE "THE JOKE MAN" MARTLING.

Look for new episodes every Monday, or listen to full episodes from our archives, at

Find Liam at